RIMOWA – inventor of lightweight travel.

 RIMOWA counts among the premium brands for cases made of aluminium and the high-tech material polycarbonate. RIMOWA is one of the few manufacturers producing luggage in Germany. It is possibly the only manufacturer with such a continuous history and link with tradition – an exception in the industry. For RIMOWA “Made in Germany” means: Excellent materials, brilliant technology and extraordinary design with the highest quality of workmanship.

 For decades, the optical characteristic of the continuously optimised collections has been the elegant and instantly recognisable contour structure of the cases. The traditional company based in Cologne sells its products globally in more than 65 countries via selected dealers, its own stores and flagship stores, whose number is continuously increasing throughout the world. These are always found in the best locations and in cities such as Beverly Hills, Toronto, Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Beijing, Macao, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Singapore, Tokyo, Munich and Milan, for example.

 Ideas, innovation, internationality – the advantages of RIMOWA.

In addition to the four global headquarters in Cologne, Hong Kong, Canada and Sao Paulo, since 2008 RIMOWA has had an international network of production workshops. RIMOWA cases are manufactured in Germany, the Czech Republic and Canada. A major part of the production work is still done by hand, for this is the only way to guarantee the extraordinary quality of a RIMOWA case. Only the polycarbonate bodies are deep drawn by a machine – a procedure developed by RIMOWA itself, in order to guarantee the greatest possible flexibility and robustness of this material.

In 2000, RIMOWA was the first in the industry to globally introduce polycarbonate into case production – and thus revolutionised the global market in luggage. More than three years were spent on research before the first RIMOWA case made of polycarbonate satisfied the demands of the engineers and designers. The triumph of this material from aviation technology, which since the RIMOWA success has been used by more and more competitors, lies in its fantastic properties: Light as a feather and at the same time extremely resilient, the material “saves” its form and in the event of deformations, springs back to its original visual effect as if by magic. This remarkable capability was even confirmed by the TÜV for they test each series manufactured by RIMOWA.

There is no question that other German premium brands are also happy to enter into co-operation with RIMOWA. Business synergies with Porsche and Lufthansa have existed for several years: So RIMOWA supplies the Lufthansa World Shop with its products and also participates in the Lufthansa premium system. And if you are the owner of a Porsche, you also have access to a very special service: RIMOWA luggage to match the colour of your vehicle. Bringing together those things that belong together: Design, capability, futurism, style fidelity, high quality, brilliant practicability and the feeling of owning something special - a sensation that feels like a natural accessory to every piece of RIMOWA luggage.


Every year tells a story – company history.

The history of the company whose luggage is highly valued around the globe by business travellers, flight crews, tourists, modern high-tech nomads and filmmakers and photographers, started more than 100 years ago. It is a typically German – and thus extraordinary – success story of an enthusiastic visionary and his family business and their continuous rise to the position of global leading player.

 The first case is produced in the year 1898 - in the case factory in Cologne. At the time, the name of the company is Kofferfabrik Paul Morszeck. At the turn of the century, the cases are made of wood but the Cologne factory is already setting great store by a design that is as lightweight as possible. Within a few years, RIMOWA’s large wardrobe and steamer trunks have become the representative travel companions of high society.

 In the 1920s discerning globetrotters are delighted by the elegant cases produced by the company. In 1937,Richard Morszeck, the son of the company founder, brings the first steamer trunk made of lightweight metal onto the market. This is only the first of numerous brilliant innovative ideas upon which the global success of RIMOWA is based. The brand name RIMOWA was derived from Richard Morszeck (Richard Morszeck Warenzeichen).

In 1950, follows the first case made from aluminium with the typical contour structure that has since made RIMOWA products unmistakeable. The great thing: The design combines minimum weight with maximum stability. Among the international jet set the contour cases quickly attain the status of cult objects.

 Morszeck succeeds with another pioneering development in 1976: The first waterproof transport cases appear. These are in great demand among film and television crews and with professional photographers and reporters. The RIMOWA- waterproof system reliably protects the sensitive equipment of the professionals against water, humidity, tropical heat or artic cold.

 In 1998, RIMOWA celebrates its 100-year company anniversary. Technical precision, high-quality materials, precision workmanship and continuous striving for innovation and intelligent product improvement are the pillars of success. RIMOWA luggage is the epitome of exclusive travel culture.

 In 2000, Dieter Morszeck, who since 1981 has been the third-generation family member to head the company, for the first time uses the recyclable material polycarbonate in case construction. Polycarbonate, which is used, for example, for aeroplane panels and in vehicle construction, is extremely resilient and shock proof; dents regain their original form by themselves. With polycarbonate, it is possible to greatly reduce the weight of the case while maintaining great stability. RIMOWA is thus the first luggage manufacturer worldwide to use this plastic in series. A revolution in the industry: Within the briefest period, almost all competitors follow with their own polycarbonate lines; however none is as successful as RIMOWA, whose luggage continues to win top positions in international comparisons and resilience tests. The use of the new material is a concise example of the implementation of Dieter Morszeck’s credo: “Handcraft meets high tech”.

 From 2000 to 2006, product lines are further diversified and equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Among other things, innovations include the patented Multiwheel® systems which greatly increase the mobility of the cases. Thanks to technology adapted from office chairs, even heavy cases can be rotated almost playfully on their axis. Moreover, the new cases are equipped with certified combination locks with combined closing cylinders, which can be opened for inspection purposes by the American Transportation Security Administration (TSA) upon arrival in the USA. Modular interior pocket systems, rotatable handles, the development of the Tango wardrobe trunk and co-operation with Lufthansa and Porsche further increase the kudos of the company.

In 2008, the product range is extended again: Now there is the Salsa Deluxe series available in new colour shades, in addition to the new Topas Titanium luxury line. A dozen different case series in various sizes are now waiting to be put to all-round use under the hardest of conditions.

In 2009 RIMOWA again sets new standards. The lightest Salsa has now come onto the market in the form of the Salsa Air and impresses with its minimal weight and offbeat colours. The absolute innovation with Salsa Air is the first recessed combination lock with ABUS TSA cylinder, which was developed and is also produced in Europe.

In 2010 RIMOWA celebrates two anniversaries: 60 years of aluminium cases with contours and 10 years of polycarbonate cases. In addition to these anniversaries, there are two awards from the USA. The travel magazine Travel+Leisure honours the Salsa Deluxe as “Best Luggage“ and the Travel Goods Association awards 1st prize to Salsa Air.

Numbers, facts, contacts – here is RIMOWA.

Four head offices in Germany, North America, Hong Kong and South America. Three production plants in Germany, the Czech Republic and Canada

50 flagship stores throughout the world in all the important global travel and consumer centres: As a German company with typical German values, RIMOWA is optimally positioned at an international level. Globally 850 employees work for the company, which achieved an annual result of approx. 100 million euros in 2010.

In its tradition of over one hundred years, RIMOWA has thus risen to a position of market leader – thanks not least to ongoing innovations that have sustainably revolutionised the entire market. A German success story in every single item of luggage.